This "heroic" greek Easter of '21, let's "arm" ourselves

with patience and positiveness

and keep the "fights" strictly between easter eggs!

We wish you a Happy Easter!

The first FOODTECH exhibition, dedicated to the production, processing, packaging and handling technologies of Food & Drinks has ended, with great commercial success.

New contacts and older business partners who visited our booth, showed genuine interest on our work and gave us the opportunity to present our latest label printing possibilities that can help any product stand out!

Digital or conventional printing, a simple label or a premium material with an impressive finishing, a few labels or many more, whatever the need is we can cover it effectively and with great quality, as we have been doing since 1970.

We thank all those who honored is with their visit and hope to see you all again soon! 


Our company will be closed from 12 until 23 of August.

We do wish though that you still have everything you need while we are on holiday.
Therefore, send us your orders in time, so we can schedule and deliver your labels on time! 

We wish you a sunny summer!