A few days ago, a very successful conference took place in Athens: “PrintComm 2013”. The conference was organized by the Association of Greek Printing Media (SEMEE) and dealt with "The future of printing".

Entries exceeded all expectations of the organizing committee and we had the opportunity to watch rather interesting presentations from the invited speakers.

It is a fact that the printing industry is changing. However, the future will continue to be based on applications with high creativity and quality. At the same time, companies of the industry have to deal with concepts like social responsibility, savings and efficiency and invest in them, implementing them in their business. Moreover, we have to satisfy our customers' needs for innovation and performance.

As Mr. John Kypriotakis President and Founder of Lysis International stated "The best investment we can make today is in time and energy required to listen to our customers. Listen in order to "react" quickly to their needs. … Listen in order to “lead” them in solving problems they probably don’t even know they have."

It is in such an environment that we need to take a stand and redefine our values ​​above all. Now, more than ever, notions like cooperation, education, interaction and exchange of information, rise as a necessity, so the future of the industry will stand up to our expectations.

Many congratulations to the organizing committee for the excellent outcome, and to the companies that supported this initiative by sponsoring.